Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to backup and remove photos from iPhone

Recently my 5 GB quoto of free space on iCloud was getting over due as the photos taken on my iPhone was occupying almost 90% of the iCloud space. This put me in a situation where I have to buy more space on iCloud or remove the photos from the iPhone. I opted for the later.

To backup the data I simply used the iPhoto app on my mac. It was very simple to do the same.

You connect your iPhone to the Mac, and open the iPhoto application on your mac.

On connecting it asked me to sync the photo. I chose Yes.

Once done , it asked me whether I want to delete the photos on iphone along with a message that the photos will be available on the iPhotos. Simply choose Yes.

Done, within minutes all my photos are on my mac and I have deleted all the photos from iPhone.

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