Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nokia Lumia 520 - The cheapest windows 8 phone in the market

With the launch of multiple low cost model of Windows 8 phones from Nokia, windows 8 is certain to make a mark in the low end smartphone market. Here I will review the cheapest model of them all the Nokia Lumia 520.

Recently I succeeded in convincing my father to move on to a smartphone. Considering that it was from Nokia certainly made it easier, because he still believes that Nokia has a good battery and antenna. Better late than never, he is now a new smartphone user.

The Box Pack

What you get with the mobile when you buy it.

  1. Mobile

  2. Battery

  3. Headset

  4. Manual

  5. Charger

  6. Data Cable

Lucky for me, I also got a Bluetooth Headset free with the purchase from the Store which I bought.


Pros :

  • When you take a first glance at the phone, you will certainly say that Nokia did its home work before launching the model. It is certainly handy and lighter compared to older models of Nokia in the same range.

  • Supports both 2G and 3G. And going by the speed it is usable even in remote places.

  • At 124g wight it is on the lighter side

  • Its thickness is also very less making it handy

Cons :

  • You will have to use a micro-sim with the model. That is something which the old Nokia user's will have to get used to, especially if you switch your SIM between phones. Trust me some people do that regularly :)


Pros :

  • 4 inch display is more than enough for most the stuff to be done. At this price range this is certainly the best phone.

  • 480 x 800 pixels gives you enough clarity to serve most the commons stuff we do on a smart phone. The clarity is also ok, certainly not like the high end models.

  • Multi-touch functionality of the hardware really mixes well with the Windows 8.

Cons :

  • It could have used the space left on the edges to make the overall size smaller of the display area bigger


Pros :

  • There are several ringtones inbuilt which you can assign

Cons :

  • Didn't find any profile like feature like, Meeting, Loud,etc in found in other Smartphones. Would had been a  nice feature.

  • The phones speaker is on the back side. So if you keep your phone on the table, you will not able to hear it ringing in a crowded place.



  • Expandable Micros SD card slot of 64 GB. More than enough for one's data.

  • Free 7GB space on Skydrive can be used to save some critical data and photos on the Microsoft Cloud

Cons :

  • Internal Memory of 8 GB is not enough from todays standard. 16 GB would have been a good option. Will find out after couple of months the drawback because of this.


Pros :

  • 5 MP, 2592х1936 pixels back camera can be used for most of the personal clicks.

  • Autofocus does its job well

Cons :

  • No front camera, so will not be able to use for video conferencing

  • 5 MP can not be used to some of those outdoor scenic beauty when you want to make a quick click and dont have your best camera with you. Sorry to say this phone cannot serve that purpose.


With the phone costing so less, is not a bad choice if you want to just use it as a basic smart phone. But if you really want more, do consider the higher models.

And special note to those die hard Nokia fans, who thought that Mobile's are just make and receive calls, do shed of some extra money(certainly not much). Because this phone can help you get hooked to the whole new world of Internet on mobile. You will not know what you are missing until you use smartphones.

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