Saturday, April 13, 2013

What happens to your data on Google when you are not there to use it orwhen you stop using it ?

This is a very critical question when you consider the amount of your personal data that is stored on the Google accounts. GMail YouTube, Picassa, Google+, etc.  Now control what happens in case you are not there to use it or when you stop using it.

Almost all the user of the internet have some time in their life used Google's services. Be it Gmail, Picassa, Google+, YouTube, or many other which are not listed here. So what happens to them when you dont use it for long.

With real life property people nominate some one close who takes over the properties and other worldly things. But what about so much of the virtual world things. Like bank details, photos, passwords, which are many time saved in your emails. Dont you think that these are also some thing which should have a nominee. Lets face the truth, you are very much concerned about them.

So now Google allows you to nominate some of your closed ones who can gain access to some of the data as per you configure.

Here is how to do it.

Step 1

Login to you Google Account

Step 2

Go to the following link on Google

Step 3

When your account becomes inactive Google will first try to reach you just in case you have moved to other services like yahoo and are not using it. So for that you will need to configure a mobile number and an email address. You can do that by adding them in the Alert Me section.

Step 4

Now configure the timeout period. This is the time for which you have not signed into you Google Account. You can configure it in the Timeout Period Section.

Step 5

Add up to 10 trusted friends or family members who should be notified that your account is inactive. You can also share data with them if you like.

Step 6

Optionally you can have Google delete all the data when your account is inactive.

Step 7

Recheck what ever you have configured. If that is fine then just click the enable button.

Step 8

Now your Inactive Account Manager is active. So now you can be assured that you will have your near and dear ones access to your data if you want when you are not there.

This shows how important the protection of virtual data are as are the real world ones

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