Sunday, January 4, 2015

WIFI Connection issue with DLink WIFI Router

After using the old router for 4 long years I went for an upgrade of the router.

I bough the DSL-2750U model of DLINK. It looked good and worked smoothly on my macbook pro.

It connected to almost all the gadgets. Then suddenly one day I tried to connect a Microsoft Surface.

It just refused to identify the wifi. I tried restarting the wifi. The even renamed the SSID, still no use.

Then some where on the internet some one said about the channel.

I went through the following

Advanced (on top)-> Wireless Settings(Left Side) -> Wireless Basics->Wireless Channel

And changed the channel from AutoScan to CH11.

Great now it is able to recognise the wifi. Great JOB DONE.

I hope it helps some one looking for a solution for it. I saw that some people even returned the router. It is a good router but we must know some of the tech stuff to use it, not always but some times.