Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to find a suitable domain name for your business?

In todays world domain name availability is the first thing you check before confirming on a name for you company. The reason is simple you cannot think of not having a domain for your business. So how to do go about it. This article will help you to find a suitable domain for your business.

Step 1 : Write down some names for your company

This is first and most important step. Give some time on this. It might take from days to weeks. Share the names with your friends and relatives, and ask their suggestions. You might get some more name. Just keep on adding to the list. is a nice site which can help you find the latest domains available using the words you want to use. They have an option of prefix and suffix search.

Step 2 : Shortlist from the above names

There are several ways in which you can short list the names.

  • Ignore names which can lead to copyright issues with other companies.

  • Try to have a brand name. Will pay in long run

  • Keep the name simple and can be easily pronounced. Some times it might look very easy to spell a domain for you. But better ask some 3 to 4 people to spell the name. Even if one of them make a mistake in spelling the name, remove the name from the list.

  • Avoid hyphens and numbers

  • Keep the name to max two words, three will also be ok if the total characters in the name is small, like"make my trip". Its a 3 word name with total of 10 letters.

  • You can also use the availability of twitter handles and facebook page username availability to shortlist.

Step 3 :  Check for .COM extension availability

There are many domain extension to choose from like .net, .us, .org, etc.
But the golden rule is, go for .COM

There is no compromise on this part. It has to be a .COM domain.

I normally use or to check the availability.

Step 4 : If you are not yet down to 2 or 3 names till now, go back to step 2.

You should be down to max 2 to 3 domains to finally settle for a name your company. Once you reach this stage discuss with the stakeholders or your near and dear ones to finally register a domain.

Step 5 : Register the domain

Once you finalize dont even think for second to register the domain. In todays world you might not get a second chance to register as many people are fighting for their domains, especially the .COM ones. is a good place to register domain, you can use it.

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