Sunday, December 30, 2012

Google Drive

Google Drive is the cloud storage service from Google.

With the cloud war at its peak, Google came out with a solution which gave a user with a Google account some place of its own on the Google Servers.

Google Drive is more of an extension of Google Docs. Here are some of the features of Google Drive.


Unlike Google Docs, Google Drive is available across multiple platforms. Not only on the web it is available in the following platforms

  • PC and Mac

  • Chrome OS

  • iPhone and iPad

  • Android devices


This is one of the integral feature. You add any file to Google Drive on your Desktop. Once you sync it. All the files are uploaded to the Google Drive's storage on the Google Servers. Now if you sync Google Drive in your mobile, you will get the file which you uploaded on your desktop on your mobile.


Like in Google Docs, here also you can share you documents with other Google drive users. You can even share it on your Google+ profile.

Privacy Control

You can control the way the documents are shared. You can generate a url to share with any one. This url is public. Another option is add another user as viewer or collaborator in your privacy setting of the document.

Availability of all Google Docs files on Google Drive

All the files which were in the Google Docs are available in Google Drive. You can easily edit them as you used to do before. You can even edit them in your local machine using MS Office or Open Office.

Free space of 5 GB

Once you join you get an initial 5 GB free. But if you need more, you can easily purchase the extra spaces for nominal cost from Google.

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