Friday, January 4, 2013

How to upgrade to Windows 8

This article will help you upgrade your xp,vista or windows 7 to Windows 8.

Recently Windows 8 has been launched by Microsoft. So if you have xp,vista or windows 7 installed on your system, you can easily upgrade to windows 8. This upgrade is coming at a very discounted price.

But before you buy the upgrade you can check whether your machine is ready to have windows 8 installed. This you can check by downloading the Windows 8 upgrade assistant.

Download Windows 8 Upgrade Assitant :

You dont need to buy windows 8 to download and run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

The Windows 8 upgrade assistant will check if your peripheral devices like printers or monitors will work with Windows 8, be sure they're plugged in and connected to your PC before you run Upgrade Assistant.

Once you are PC is ready as per Upgrade Assistant, you can purchase the Windows 8 at discounted rate from the Microsoft site. Here is the link to buy Windows 8 upgrade. Remember that this price is valid till 31st Jan 2013 only.

While buying you will also get an option of entering discount coupons. So if you have any discounts you will save on Windows 8 upgrade purchase in addition to the discounted price which Microsoft is selling at now.

Once you have purchased, the Windows 8 upgrade assistant will help you with a wizard based interface to install the Windows 8 ugrade.

NOTE for Window 7 users

Most of the application will run as is in Windows 8, but some of the application will become incompatible.

NOTE for Windows XP and Windows Vista users

You will need to reinstall the third party application once upgraded to Windows 8

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